Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trip to Rabaul and Kokopo

In October 2008, Raul Schneider (Country Director ADRA PNG), Darin Roberts (ADRA Aust Program Manager) and I travelled to East New Britain for a Monitoring and Evaluation trip... with a little tourist activities thrown in.
Here is a sample of the 'Tourist Activities' ...

Flying out from POM to Kokopo and watching a great sunrise over the Owen Stanley Ranges was amazing.

Kokopo main beach and wharf with Mt Tavurvur in the background.

One of my 'dream jobs' would be a vulcanologist and a visit to the RVO (Rabaul Volcanic Observatory) has ticked off a place to visit.

A sample of what Rabaul now looks like after years of ash fall.

Darin and I visited the Submarine Base. The Japanese dug thousands of tunnels into the soft rock and you can understand why the Allies never attacked Rabaul as it was nearly impossible to attack without massive loss of life. Check out the view below from one of the 'windows' in the rock. The subs just came up against the reef close to the coast where the water is said to be 180m deep (about 10 m from the shore)... imagine the fishing here!The next day Raul arrived and as it was my birthday I wanted to take a trip out to the volcano and jump off the Beehive rocks in the middle of Simpson Harbour.

View from the beach at Rapopo Plantation Resort

View from the beach at Kokopo Village Resort

Here is a brief clip showing the eruptions that occur at 5-10 minute intervals, taken from a boat 100m from the shore, under the ash cloud... what a birthday present!

These are one of the Beehive Rocks. About 10m high jump from the left hand side of the rock shown above with rocks jutting 2m out... made it a little bit exciting!

At the end of a memorable day we had a swim at Rapopo Plantation Resort; Raul didn't see Darin taking photos but I did not want to come out until the camera was put away...


  1. And apart from al the touring we did we actually did do some work as well...sort of...

  2. Hi Guys, Your PNG images are excellent, Rabaul has always been my favourite place.
    I'm intrigued by your key image ie: the Lewis Family in PNG header logo. Is that ONE shot or is it several images stitched together ? I'm keen to obtain photos of the Vulcanological Observatory Ridge - if you could send me a clear copy of the left hand side of your header and any others that you may have showing the actual ridge top, I would be most grateful. Regards ... Ash (e-mail ash@milart.com.au)